Here’s Why We’re Vibrant Table’s “go to” partner

Client Profile:

Vibrant Table is a full-service catering and event company, based in Portland, Oregon. Vibrant Table has earned a reputation for its ability to produce unique culinary experiences that captivate the senses and excite even the most discriminating palate. It’s no surprise that Vibrant Table is Oregon Bride Magazine Caterer of the Year five years running!

Why West Coast Drape?

What Does Vibrant Table look for in a service partner? Hear what VT’s Creative Director and Principal Kurt Beadell has to say about the amazing transformational power of drape, and why West Coast Drape is VT’s “go to” partner for high-end drape and furnishings for the company’s client events. Watch for the pristine white drape and reception seating in the video below.


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“… we’ve got to have the best that’s out there. We use West Coast (Drape). It’s a great value for the money.” – Kurt Beadell, Vibrant Table Catering & Events




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