Who We Are

A swirl of drape. The richness and texture of fabric. Cascading light. On their own, they are simple elements. But when combined and arranged by masterful hands, drape, fabric and light become something far more than the sum of their parts. West Coast Drape inspires mood and emotion by creating experiences through something as simple as fabric. And we do so in spaces which are nothing spectacular on their own. This is why we say that we are in the “transformation” business. Whether it is a hotel ballroom, corporate meeting room, or a rented commercial space, we’ll transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.


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When MTV wanted to make a statement, we were its choice.

When The Grammys needed a world-class set, it selected us.


West Coast Drape handles projects from the initial site plan to final breakdown and we do it seamlessly in and around the other elements of event preparation. We don’t sneak in hidden costs. We work hard throughout the job. We are reliable, responsible and efficient. We are fair and affordable. We use only superior materials. And we are good team players with event planners, corporate coordinators, and team members. Sound like old-fashioned values? Maybe, but that’s exactly what some of the nation’s highest profile companies are looking for in a partnership.